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רון בוצאן

Topical Index of Misgav Institute Experts​

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מאיר בן שבת

Meir Ben Shabbat

Israeli grand strategy, superpower relations, Abraham Accords, Palestinian-Israeli relations, internal security and governance


Yishai Harmony

Yishay Armoni



Israeli ties to China, Russia, France, and Britain, implications for Israel of war in Europe, internal security

Dr. Raphael BenLevi


Superpower politics in the Mideast, Iranian nuclear ambitions

Asher Fredman

Asher Fredman

Regional cooperation and peace, countering delegitimization, technology and diplomacy

Moshe Fuzaylov

Moshe Fuzaylov

Palestinian arena, Intelligence and Terror, Strategic management

Ofir Gendelman

Ofir Gendelman


Arab world politics, Israel-Arab relations, Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Moshe Gutman

Moshe Gutman


Military operations, IDF preparedness, civil-military relations

Lahav Harkov

Israeli government and politics, US-Israel relations, antisemitism

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum

Israel-Diaspora Relations, Abraham Accords, Jerusalem, Public Diplomacy

Brig.Gen.Mordechai Kahana

Brig. Gen. (res.) Mordechai Kahana


War planning vs. Hezbollah and Hamas and other terrorist groups, border security and defense, civil-military relations, IDF preparedness

Dr. Yitzhak Klein

Dr. Yitzhak Klein


Russian foreign policy and strategy, multidimensional Iranian threat, global power dynamics

Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser


Conflict with Iran, Israel’s northern front, Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli grand strategy

Ronen Levi (Maoz)

Israel’s International Relations, Regional Normalization, Palestinian Arena

Dr. Yossi Mansharof

Iran, Iranian proxies, and Shiite political Islam

Kobe Michael

Prof. Kobi Michael

Civil-military relations, national and internal security, Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Ruth Pines Feldman

Ruth Pines Feldman


Israel-US relations, public opinion, political communication

Yosef Rosen

Joseph Rozen


Indo-Pacific, Euro-Asia, national security

Adi Schwartz

Dr. Adi Schwartz


Israeli-Palestinian relations, refugees, public diplomacy

Col. (res.) Dr. Hanan Shai 

Military and diplomatic strategy, wartime leadersip

Israel-US Relations, Security Policy from a Historical Perspective, Israeli Leadership in Times of Crisis

Col. (res.) Prof. Gabi Siboni

Internal security, military strategy, cyber security

Brig.Gen.Ari Singer

Brig. Gen. (res.) Ari Singer


Civil-military relations, IDF reserve forces, readiness on Israel’s northern front

Ruth Wasserman Lande

Ruth Wasserman  Lande

Abraham Accords, Israel-Arab relations, Israel-Diaspora relations

David M Weinberg

David M. Weinberg


US-Israel relations, combating antisemitism and BDS, Abraham Accords

Dr. David Wurmser


US foreign and defense policy, US-Israel relations

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